Centerfire Amber

A centerfire cartridge has a primer located in the center of the cartridge case head. Unlike rimfire cartridges, the primer is a separate and replaceable component. Centerfire cartridges have supplanted the rimfire variety in all but the smallest cartridge sizes. With the exception of a few .17 caliber and .22 caliber pistol and rifle cartridges, small-bore shotgun cartridges (intended for pest-control), and a handful of antique, mostly obsolete cartridges, almost all pistol, rifle, and shotgun ammunition used today is centerfire.

Our Centerfire™ Amber is the natural center of our brews, medium-bodied, light copper colored, mellow candy-like sweetness and subtle toffee flavors mixed with tropical fruits such as mango and papaya as well as a hint of cherry. Balancing the sweet undertones are strong citrus, including grapefruit and lemon flavor and aromas. Centerfire™ Amber is a great choice for a solid, yet lighter beer.

ABV: 5.5%


5x5 Brewing Co. (pronounced Five by Five) is a Veteran owned and operated craft brewery based in Mission, Texas. Infusing the spirit of the fighting man into every glass, we strive to produce beers of the highest quality.

Our Location

801 N Bryan Rd Ste 174
Mission, TX 78572-6215
(956) 445-5421


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