Bourbon Red Ale

The spear has been used throughout human history both as a hunting and fishing tool and as a weapon. Along with the axe, knife, and club it is one of the earliest and most important tools developed by early humans. As a weapon, it may be wielded with either one hand or two. It was used in virtually every conflict up until the modern era, where even then it continued on in the form of the bayonet, making it probably the most commonly used weapon in history.

Our SPEAR™ Bourbon Red Ale pays homage to its namesake with a well-balanced, yet sharp-flavor profile. We have combined smooth caramel, malty characteristics with balanced hints of fruit. To give it some thrust we also infused some rye and citrus flavors, and finally, aged our ale in a whisky barrel. This ale is certain to be one of your favorites.

ABV: 8.0%


5x5 Brewing Co. (pronounced Five by Five) is a Veteran owned and operated craft brewery based in Mission, Texas. Infusing the spirit of the fighting man into every glass, we strive to produce beers of the highest quality.

Our Location

801 N Bryan Rd Ste 174
Mission, TX 78572-6215
(956) 445-5421


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