What's Hoppening - June 1

When you take on a project like opening a brewery things can drag on. That being said . . . we certainly are not dragging our feet! All of us at 5x5 Brewing Co. have been diligently working to bring you our latest creations. 

Construction on our brewery is advancing nicely, and our equipment is being fabricated as we speak. You will also see a notice sign outside announcing our licensing process,which (let us tell you) takes quite a bit of time and patience.

beer constructionOur brewmaster has been busy putting together new recipes, to bring you, in the near future. Our brand manager is in the final stages of introducing our merchandise to the world by launching our online store. We will have a selection of T's, glassware, and other cool swag!

So, please continue to be patient, and we will continue to plow forward!