About Us

5x5 Brewing is the brain child of brothers Matt Mazur and George Rice and a longtime friend. 

Displeased with the available variety of beers in the RGV, in the early 1990s, Matt Mazur and his college buddy played with the idea of starting a beer centric publication, to help educate local RGV beer drinkers in hopes to develop a demand for more new and exciting beers. 

The publication idea never launched, but with a strong interest in beers, our brewmaster began a 15 year journey into the home brewing scene. With a few well received competitions, he was able to hone his craft and develop the incredible recipies that are used today at 5x5 Brewing. 

With the tireless hard work, from the three Co-Founders and childhood friend Sean Downey, 5x5 Brewing was able to get the momentum to go from a 20-year-old idea of writing about beer, to creating the beer that our fans love and crave. 

George Rice and Sean Downey proudly served in our U.S. Military, and it is with the love for their brothers in arms and an unquenchable love for beer that the 5x5 Brewing Company has adopted its military theme, including its name, which was a term used by radio operators to describe when signal and clarity was at its best.

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